Wanda the Hen’s Recovery Fund

Within days, $400 was raised for the recovery of Wanda, the Barred Rock pet chicken owned by West Tisbury resident Phebe Bates. ” I’m dealing with it. I’m new to fundraising,” Bates said.

Bates saw the chicken for the first time while attending Carla Furtaw’s funeral on Saturday. The next day she heard that a chicken had been hit by a car in Vineyard Haven and went in search of “that rogue chicken”. On Tuesday, people tagged Bates, telling him the chicken was taking cover under a vehicle belonging to Tuck & Holand Metal Sculptors in Vineyard Haven.

“I’ve been rocking her for a week now,” Bates said. “She is my couch chicken. She is very, very friendly.

Bates contacted West Tisbury Animal Control and was told to keep in touch. Eventually, someone contacted Bates on Facebook, saying his neighbor was missing a chicken. After speaking with Bates, the original owner said, “Merry Christmas, you can have it.”

Facebook user MV Grower suggested the name “Wanderer Wanda” and Bates accepted the name suggestion.

Wanda still has a foot injury from a car accident. “I thought I was competent enough to handle his medical care,” Bates said. “But the foot is just disgusting, and I decided it was time to take him to a family vet.”

Bates hosted the Facebook fundraiser on Friday, Dec. 24 to help cover Wanda’s vet bills.

“I try to cover my bases. I pay this out of pocket and the bills don’t come cheap,” Bates said. “After talking to the vet, the x-rays are about $150 and the visit itself is about $60… I have a follow up on Monday. This includes all the supplies I might need to get it.

One of these supplies is manuka honey, a New Zealand product touted as the best honey for healing purposes. Bates plans to apply it to Wanda’s foot.

Bates said almost all of the animals in her household are rescues, so it’s “not weird to have a chicken in my living room.”

Wanda is also enjoying quite a bit of fame on social media. Bates receives several messages a day requesting information about the chicken, and some people have even requested a Wanda Facebook page. “People are really invested in this chicken,” Bates said.

For those wishing to support Wanda’s recovery efforts, visit her fundraising page at bit.ly/WandaFund.

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