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The deputy. Gayle Tierney, Minister of Agriculture (Vic), press release, August 24, 2022

Australian Sustainable Hardwoods (ASH) is expanding its plantation timber manufacturing business with a $1.2 million innovation grant from the Victorian Forestry Plan.

Agriculture Minister Gayle Tierney visited the Heyfield factory today to announce innovation funding and inspect the newest addition to the factory – an outlet also funded by Andrews’ Labor Government .

The new funding will help build a new $2.4 million specialty MASSLAM (glued laminated timber) manufacturing plant to support the plant’s transition to alternative fiber sources through the Victorian Wood Innovation Fund.

ASH is the only large-scale manufacturer of MASSLAM in Australia and this investment will help them expand their current operations to manufacture products made from plantation gloss gum.

The grant will support the construction of the MASSLAM specialty manufacturing plant which will create 12 new full-time jobs and help retain the plant’s 172 existing positions.

The investment will help sustain ASH’s manufacturing business. The factory will be able to manufacture more products from plantation wood in the future, such as solid flooring systems, engineered flooring, kitchen worktops and stair components, windows, doors and furniture.

The factory had previously received $1.6 million through the Victorian Timber Innovation Fund to install a new manufacturing line to produce engineered flooring made from plantation gloss gum and plywood. Australian-made pin and to expand its online and retail outlets.

The retail space was recently completed and customers can purchase staircase and furniture components directly from ASH. The Engineered Flooring line is expected to be operational by the end of the year, ASH will become the only company in the country to manufacture this type of high-value plantation product.

The Victorian Timber Innovation Fund is a key part of the Victorian Forestry Plan which helps forestry businesses diversify and plan for the future. For more information visit vic.gov.au/forestry.

Quote attributable to Agriculture Minister Gayle Tierney

“We are proud to support ASH in continuing to support local jobs and manufacture world-class wood products well into the future.”

Quote attributable to Australian Sustainable Hardwoods Managing Director Vince Hurley

“Plantation Gloss Gum is a key pillar in the future of MASSLAM production. This investment will mean that ASH can continue to produce large-scale columns and beams made in Australia.

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