The Minister of Livestock gives the letters of appointment to 250 veterinary inspectors

CHANDIGARH / SAS NAGAR: The government of Punjab has recruited 250 veterinary inspectors in the state livestock department as part of the door-to-door employment program.

Minister of Livestock, Dairy Development and Fisheries Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa delivered the letters of appointment to the newly appointed veterinary inspectors at Livestock Bhawan here today.

Congratulating the newly appointed veterinary inspectors, Bajwa said the government of Punjab is committed to providing jobs for as many young people as possible in the state. He said that with the recruitment of new veterinary inspectors, the work of the Livestock Department would be further accelerated and better services would be provided to animal keepers.

The minister said that the Department of Animal Husbandry provides elite breeds and foreign sperm / embryos, which would greatly increase the productivity of milk. On this occasion, he said that the government of Punjab is committed to doubling the income of farmers and called on livestock owners / farmers to engage in related activities, besides agriculture, such as dairy farming, raising goats and pigs, which would certainly increase our income.

On this occasion, the special chief secretary of the department, Ms. Ravneet Kaur IAS, said that the livestock department is taking several new initiatives for the improvement of livestock so that the breeding and the dairy profession can be further developed in the state. On this occasion, the secretary of the department, Mr. Malwinder Singh Jaggi, the director of breeding, Dr HS Kahlon and other agents of the department of breeding were also present.

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