The menace of stray dogs threatens poultry and livestock in Karur district of Tamil Nadu

Express press service

KARUR: The endemic threat of stray dogs in the district, which is believed to have claimed the lives of 60 goats, sheep and chickens in a single panchayat over the past few weeks, has raised concerns among the public who are now demanding urgent action from the authorities to stem it.

Farmers and animal herders in the Paramathi panchayat union are a hit lot after stray dogs roaming the area reportedly hunted their more than 60 poultry and livestock in the past few weeks alone.

“With Paramathi being an extremely dry region due to the presence of many stone and sand quarries, agriculture has started to perish, paving the way for animal husbandry,” said Natarajan, an animal herder from the village. of Kattu Munnur from the panchayat union.

After suffering the blows of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have only just embarked on the road to recovery. But the threat of stray dogs has greatly affected our livelihoods, he added, and demanded urgent official action.

Similarly, residents of Gandhigramam in the city are also complaining about stray dogs chasing children in the streets and demanded necessary action. When contacted, Commissioner Ravichandran of the Karur City Municipal Corporation (KCMC) said the body had neutered around 500 dogs in the last month alone.

“In collaboration with a Chennai-based NGO, we routinely sterilize street dogs. The Society is also planning to set up a stray dog ​​sterilization center in the Vangal landfill to carry out ABC (Animal Birth Control) programs and vaccination,” he said.

Dr. Muralitharan, deputy director of livestock department in Kulithalai region and additional manager of Karur, said The new Indian Express that they also carried out the sterilization of the male dogs. “The local body or panchayat council officials should hire a veterinarian with an M VSc degree to carry out ABC and neutering programs by setting up centers in their respective localities,” he said.

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