The livestock sector contributes 14% of the GDP

Punjab’s livestock sector has performed remarkably well in the last financial year with a 14% contribution to gross domestic product (GDP). Recent economic survey and shared the satisfactory performance of the livestock sector. Livestock contributed about 61.9% of agricultural value added and 14% to GDP. Animal husbandry was the most important economic activity for people in rural areas of Pakistan. More than 8 million rural families were engaged in livestock production and derived around 40% of their income from the sector, Dr Jamshaid said citing the economic survey. Livestock gross value added increased from Rs 5,269 (2020-21) to Rs 5,441 (2021-22). This sector should be a priority for economic growth, food security and poverty reduction because it has immense potential. He, however, hinted that the government was taking various measures to promote the sector by exporting quality meat. Meat processing areas have been set up for this purpose. Steps were also underway to improve the breed for better productivity. Over the past year, cattle numbers have increased from 51.5 million to 53.4 million. Likewise, the strength of buffaloes, cows, sheep, goats has increased remarkably.

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