Texas Senator Ted Cruz introduces bill to send migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and other coastal towns

WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a bill to establish ports of entry in Martha’s Vineyard, Palo Alto, Calif., and other coastal towns, a bit of a legislative troll that, according to the Texas Republican, is an effort to “mitigate massive overload.” on the southern border by establishing new entry points into Democratic-led communities.

The bill — a courier effort unlikely to go far in the Democratic-led Congress — would direct the Department of Homeland Security to transfer migrants from Texas border towns to 13 new ports of entry, including Cambridge, Mass. ., home of Harvard University, and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, a regular vacation spot for President Joe Biden.

“If Democrats in Washington were to endure even a fraction of the suffering of South Texas families, farmers, ranchers and small businesses, our nation’s immigration laws would be enforced, the wall would be built and the ‘Stay in Mexico’ policy would be re-enforced,” said Cruz, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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The bill is the latest example of Cruz and other Republicans seeking to keep the spotlight on the US-Mexico border, where federal authorities have posted an unprecedented number of encounters with migrants for much of this year. Biden has said he is working to rebuild an immigration system left in shambles by former President Donald Trump, while Republicans say he refuses to take the issue seriously.

Democrats were quick to criticize Cruz’s bill. U.S. Representative Bill Keating, a Democrat from Massachusetts whose district includes Nantucket, another city Cruz is said to be targeting, called it a “lame political stunt.”

“Why is it that every time Ted Cruz faces a crisis in Texas, his mind seems to wander to vacation destinations?” Keating tweeted. “First it was Cancun, now it’s Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.

Cruz captured national attention when he flew to Cancun, Mexico during the winter freeze that crippled the state last February.

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