telangana: Telangana demands early central nod for cattle, fishing projects worth Rs 698.27 cr

Telangana Livestock and Fisheries Minister T Srinivas Yadav on Wednesday called for swift approval of projects worth Rs 698.27 crore in a meeting with Union Minister Parshottam Rupala to Krishi Bhawan.

The state government has proposed a dozen projects based on new central government guidelines issued for the 2021-22 fiscal year, Yadav said in a presentation to the Minister of Fisheries, Livestock and Products. Union dairy products.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Yadav said Telangana has the potential to develop the dairy, fishing and livestock sector, for which projects have been submitted to the Center.

“I asked the Union Minister to consider sanctioning the submitted projects and free up the Telangana state budget to help us achieve the desired objectives of the livestock and fisheries sector,” did he declare.

The state government has submitted projects worth Rs 698.27 crore under various programs sponsored by the center. Of this total, Rs 397.83 is the central share, Rs 234.08 crore is the state share and the balance Rs 65.24 crore is the beneficiary share, according to a statement made to the Union Ministry.

A basic project of Rs 352 has been proposed for the establishment of mobile veterinary clinics in the State as part of a State Assistance Program for Animal Disease Control (ASCAD), while About six projects with an expenditure of Rs 58.71 crore have been proposed under the National Livestock Mission (NLM), he added.

New central government guidelines aim to create jobs through entrepreneurship development, breed improvement and animal disease control.

The minister also asked for the unblocking of overdue contributions and the support of the central government to the new state for the development of this sector.

Telangana has abundant livestock resources and is one of the most advanced states in animal husbandry. About 60 Lakh families depend on animal husbandry directly and indirectly in the state. The livestock sector contributes 9.9% to the state’s GDP, he said.

With the proposed projects, a senior state government official said Telangana wanted to increase milk production and processing capacity.

After the formation of the new state, milk production in Telangana increased to 4.75 lakh liters per day, compared to 1 lakh liter per day in 2013-14.

The state also plans to increase the milk processing capacity of state-owned Vijaya Dairy from 5 lakh liters per day to 8 lakh liters per day, the minister said.

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