Sweet and Savory Cakes – The Martha’s Vineyard Times


When I was young, my mother only taught me a few cooking tips. Mainly, she wanted to make sure that I didn’t stick the butter knife in the toaster, or that I didn’t microwave the SpaghettiOs in the box.

One thing I remember vividly is that she taught me how to make pancakes from a canned mix. I get the mixture completely and just add water. If you ask me how much, I would say, “I don’t know, so the dough is thick, but not too thick.” If you don’t know what that means, there are measurements on the box.

I keep the pan or hotplate over medium-low heat, pouring in the dough to make cakes about five inches in diameter. When I was very young I would stand over the stove and ask mum, “When do you turn them over?” Of course, my impatience always gets the better of me, and I turn them over way too soon. “The trick is to wait for them to bubble up,” she told me. Here I am 25 years later, hovering above the circles of dough, patiently waiting for the bubbles.

One recent almost fall morning, I made myself pancakes with nuts and white chocolate chips. I topped them with butter, the real thing; the margarine just doesn’t taste the same salty, and Mrs. Buttersworth’s syrup straight out of the fridge. If you prefer authentic maple syrup, I understand. Personally, I’ve always loved store-bought stuff, “real syrup,” as I called it when I was a kid.

I enjoy the flavors of salted butter and nuts against sugary crisps, and the contrast of hot pancakes against cold syrup.

I recommend enjoying these pancakes on your day off or when you have time for a long nap afterwards.

If you have the extra, they hold up well enough in the freezer for a midweek breakfast on the go.


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