Stakeholders insist on strengthening bilateral relations to boost animal production

Stakeholders insist on strengthening bilateral relations to boost animal production


Abuja, 29 March 2022 The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Mohammad Abubakar, said the Federal Government is working with national and international partners to accelerate the transformation of the livestock sector.

He also said the energy aims to meet contemporary aspirations for higher productivity.

Abubakar, representing Ibilade, the deputy director of livestock at the ministry, said Tuesday in Abuja, at the 1st National Symposium on Livestock Breed Improvement and Pasture Development.

The Nigerian News Agency reports that the theme of the symposium, organized by Genetic Africa, Viking Genetics, Denmark and Arla Global, was “Harnessing artificial insemination and pasture development to improve livestock productivity“.

“With emerging global climate challenges come the need to optimize resources and increase productivity.

“Innovative programs like the one advocated can provide the inputs needed to boost productivity, especially in the livestock sector.

“In view of the above and considering that the livestock sector remains a major contributor to the agricultural sub-sector of the economy.

“Therefore, the ministry is willing to cooperate with relevant stakeholders such as Livestock Genetics Africa, Viking Genetics Denmark and Arla Global to ensure that the benefits of strategic partnerships as outlined in Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals are achieved. . (SDGs),” he said. aggregate.

According to him, the symposium is a welcome development and the outcome will support the achievement of the initiatives’ strategic objectives and cascading development for rural farmers.

Mr. Farouk Rabi’u-Mudi, Chairman of the Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), said the acceptance and adoption of new technologies for milk and meat production would increase Nigeria’s GDP and put end to clashes between farmers and herders.

reports that Nigeria records two and a half liters per cow, while Denmark achieves a total of 35 liters of milk production per cow.

“That’s more than 20 times our normal production here in Nigeria. Just 400 cows in Denmark equals 5,000 cows in Nigeria.

“I was in Denmark last year and saw good improvement on how we can improve our livestock, milk and meat production in Nigeria.

“Meanwhile, Denmark has been able to increase its GDP through the production of cattle and milk. It’s a very simple technology that Nigeria can get into.

“We are already in partnership with them; open pasture is not ideal for milk production,” he said.

According to him, some 5,000 young people will be empowered through the livestock system; We will empower women through some private sectors that are ready to fund the business.

“With this private sector, we are looking for sustainability as government policies change from time to time,” he said.

Mr. Akeem Ibilade, Deputy Director of the Livestock Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that having partners who would help our livestock development in the country is an encouraging development.

“If we talk about the development of Pasteur, everyone will benefit from it, we hope it will reduce clashes between farmers and herders because if the herders have food for their cattle, there will be no need to walk in the streets .

“This development will bring more milk and meat. We are planning a national livestock development plan to raise awareness in a few months. We also have the media as partners,” he said.

Mr. Nasmir Nakas, Founder of Livestock Genetics, expressed his joy in partnering with Nigeria in breeding development and pointed out that a great future awaits Nigeria in breeding development.

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