Soter Vineyards Appoints New Ranch Manager to Lead Biodynamic Farming and Vineyard Operations at Mineral Springs Ranch

Ranch Manager Joel Sokoloff brings his passion for regenerative agriculture, ranching, vineyard management and climate responsibility to the famous 240-acre biodynamic ranch and vineyard in the Willamette Valley.

June 7 – Joel Sokoloff has been tapped to lead Soter Vineyards’ farm and vineyard management team beginning in 2022. As ranch manager, Sokoloff continues the agricultural and environmental traditions inherent in the winery’s heritage, while identifying pathways for growth toward Soter’s mission of climate resilience and social equity. , and the search for true expressions of Oregon wine.

Soter Vineyards operations under Sokoloff’s management include operating all of the estate’s vineyards which are spread throughout the North Willamette Valley, operating the various fruit and vegetable plots, and directing the winery program. ranching that provides the chef-led provision tasting experience at Mineral Springs Ranch. Adherence to biodynamic agriculture, biodiversity and respect for the land are paramount to Mr. Sokoloff and his ranch team. Caring for the woodlands, bringing in more oak habitats and increasing the refuge for pollinators are all priorities for the team, as is working closely with the rest of the vineyard team, led by Chris Fladwood in the winery. and Antonio Verduzco on the ranch.

Sokoloff’s unique skill set has been cultivated from years of study and experience at institutions in key growing regions of the West Coast. Originally from Illinois, Sokoloff adopted the Pacific Northwest as his home when he began his studies at the University of Oregon. What started as a degree in political science soon turned to a focus on food culture, which later progressed to include wine. Sokoloff received his AAAS in Oenology and Viticulture from Walla Walla’s College Cellars program and has been involved in wine growing and production since 2013.

He spent over seven years at Horsepower Vineyards as an equine and vineyard manager, using horses for cultivation and growing grapes for Cayuse Vineyards’ sought-after wines. His talents working in organic farming systems and his love for growing vegetables and working with animals make him uniquely qualified to oversee the agricultural and winery operations of Soter Vineyards.

The move to Soter allows Sokoloff to facilitate even greater environmental impacts, from floor to glass. “How we treat the earth today has a direct impact on its health today, tomorrow and for future generations. We seek to grow our vines with as few inputs as possible in hopes that they carry the truth in the glass. We raise our animals with proper grazing management and humane treatment, so our customers have peace of mind that their food has the best possible life.

“Joel’s innate ability to imagine and implement steps towards our long-term goals, while managing the day-to-day details of the diverse ecosystem of projects we have here at Soter, makes him a key asset to our agricultural leadership,” says Hallie Whyte. , Managing Director of Soter Vineyards.

About Soter Vineyards

From vine to cellar, Soter Vineyards is committed to organic farming practices and light cellaring techniques to create true expressions of pinot noir, chardonnay and sparkling wines. The winery and tasting room are located on the 240-acre CCOF and Demeter Certified Mineral Springs Ranch, which Soter operates using a system focused on biodiversity, plant and animal integration, and soil health. Demeter USA is the only certifier for biodynamic farms and products in America. Guests at Mineral Springs Ranch partake in an elevated and authentic hospitality experience, driven by a creative and nourishing culinary program that aligns with the ethos of Soter’s farming practices.

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