Single mother jailed for Citibank cheating affair, 13th person to date

SINGAPORE — A single mother has become the thirteenth person to be jailed for her role in a ruse that saw false documents submitted to Citibank to secure loans.

Kiran Kaur, 29, was sentenced on Monday August 29 to six months in prison for cheating.

The court heard that between September and October 2018, Citigroup’s consumer division received and approved about 20 loan applications that later contained false income documentation.

Each loan involved between $12,000 and $24,000.

Kaur was unemployed and facing financial hardship when she responded to an ad in September 2018 for a “fast cash” job on the online marketplace Carousell, Assistant District Attorney Dhiraj G. Chainani said.

Through the ad, she contacted a man known only as “Charles” through the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Charles, whose identity was not mentioned in court documents, told her he could help her get a loan from Citibank.

The DPP said: “The defendant told Charles that she was not working at the time and had no contribution to the Central Provident Fund to apply for a bank loan.

“Charles told the defendant not to worry and that the defendant did not need to meet the income level required to qualify for a bank loan.”

He asked Kaur to divulge his Singpass login details and told him to meet an unidentified man outside a Citibank branch at MacDonald House in Orchard Road to collect a set of documents for the loan application.

She did as she was told and received documents that incorrectly stated that she worked for another bank and earned $6,700 a month for July and August of this year.

The court heard Charles then told him to look for Citibank contract staff Kirk Chua Min Xuan, 29, at the branch.

His loan application was submitted on September 10 and later approved.

In total, Kaur received $13,490 in cash, but she claimed she kept $4,000 and gave the rest to the man who gave her the forged documents.

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