Rs 2 cr released to compensate Karnataka livestock owners for livestock deaths due to Lumpy

A grant of Rs 2 crore has been released to compensate owners for livestock deaths due to lumpy skin disease by Karnataka Livestock Minister Prabhu B. Chavan. In this regard, he said that the compensation is provided to prevent the financial situation of farmers and livestock owners from being directly affected by the cutaneous nodule (lumpy skin) disease which directly harms the productivity of livestock.

He explained that a maximum compensation of Rs 20,000 for each dairy heifer and Rs 30,000 for bulls and Rs 5,000 for each calf will be given as compensation to farmers and livestock owners due to the death of livestock due to lumpy skin disease. “Cattle skin knot disease is under control in the state. No less than 2,65,646 cows have been vaccinated statewide and 3,42,156 available doses of vaccine are being administered to cattle. 35,000 vaccines will be made available this week, and the medications and treatments needed to control the skin nodule disease are being administered,” Chavan added.

Chavan called on farmers not to worry and to cooperate with the government. Chavan said that so far, 23,784 heifers have suffered from skin nodule disease in the state, of which 11,494 heifers have recovered. The rest of the heifers are receiving proper treatment from the government and 680 cattle have died as steps are taken to distribute compensation to owners of the dead cattle.

Ringworm is an infectious viral disease of cattle. In sick animals, the initial stage is fever, then skin nodules appear, and gradually skin nodules, scabs and scabs appear in cattle. Sick cattle suffer from fever with a pale nose, discharge from the eyes, drooling and lack of food. It is common for heifers to die of pneumonia. Heifer barns should be kept clean. Prabhu Chavan called on farmers to contact nearest veterinarians as soon as the disease appears, get vaccinated and protect livestock.

Veterinarians and livestock managers have been instructed to respond immediately to calls from farmers who come with the health problems of cattle affected by skin lump disease (skin lumps), give proper treatment and work hard to prevent the spread of the disease. . When people face health issues, they express their pain. He asked veterinarians to treat livestock immediately without neglecting how silent animals express their pain and save livestock because it is important to take care of them at the right time, Chavan said. (ANI)

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