Roseland Plantation Home in Van Zandt County

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) – The Roseland Plantation Home has had its fair share of urban rumors and legends, but it’s still going strong. This is the subject of this week’s Mark in Texas History by Mark Scirto.

Roseland Plantation Home is located eight kilometers east of Edom, in the southeastern part of Van Zandt County. Burwell Hambrick moved from Virginia to Texas in 1852 and purchased the 3,000 acres surrounding the house. The house was built in 1854.

The house is located midway between Dallas and Shreveport and sometimes served as a stagecoach stop and changing station for horses. After the Civil War, Hambrick ceded much of the property to his former slaves, and part of the land became the foundation of the high school and the Red Land community.

The house underwent some ownership changes until 1954 when an oilman’s wife Tyler bought it and had it restored. The Texas Historical Commission placed a marker at the site in 1966. It was the first in the state to be restored.

Today the house is used as a business. You can pay for tours or for groups to come for tea.

The house is located on US 64, just west of the Smith County line.

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