Rajasthan Livestock Minister Kataria says he is worst hit by Lumpi virus – priority is to save cows…

Jaipur | lumpi Virus Rajasthan: There is an atmosphere of fear about Lumpy Viral all over the country. However, the most affected state is Rajasthan itself. Now people are also afraid of this virus. In such a situation, Livestock Minister Lalchand Kataria, while advising people to be patient, said that saving cows from lumpy skin disease is the state government’s top priority because all efforts are carried out with complete vigilance and vigilance. Mr. Kataria said this after the discussion regarding lumpi disease in the state assembly. He said that for the prevention of this serious disease, as well as an adequate supply of drugs, vaccination of cows is done quickly.

lumpi Virus Rajasthan: The Minister of Animal Husbandry said that the state government will seriously implement the concerns and suggestions expressed by members regarding this disease in the House. He assured that along with the improvement of the efforts made for the prevention of this disease, all the systems related to it will be reinforced. He said Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is very serious about this rapidly spreading disease in the Cow Dynasty. As soon as this disease was detected, he ensured that the loss of progeny of the cows was stopped. For this, he called for raising awareness about Lumpy Skin Disease by interacting with all public representatives via video conference on August 15 and released an amount of Rs 30 crore for veterinary facilities.

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lumpi Virus Rajasthan: Shri Kataria said the state government is doing everything to save the cattle from this disease. After lumpi disease was confirmed in the state, the Animal Husbandry Department issued guidelines on May 12 itself and launched efforts to prevent the disease and save the cows. Adequate and continuous availability of drugs is ensured in all veterinary centers and the rate of vaccination is constantly increased. He said that the representatives of the people, the voluntary organizations, the Bhamashahs and the Gau Sevaks who have contributed immensely to the prevention of diseases and the rescue of the cow dynasty, will be honored.

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