Police identify woman found dead in New Vineyard, Maine

According to a press release from the Maine State Police, the victim of an incident Tuesday morning in New Vineyard is Collette Daggett, 43, of New Vineyard. Daggett has been reported as a beloved member of the community.

The press release explained that the initial call for help came at 10:49 a.m. on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. The caller reported that his vehicle was in a pond at the end of Miller Road and that he and his wife needed help.

The press release went on to say:

Upon their arrival, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office contacted the man and found the woman lying on the shore of the pond and she was determined to be dead by first responders. The man (Wilfred Daggett) was taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital and subsequently released.

An autopsy was performed on Dagett’s body on Wednesday, but the results have not been released.

Law enforcement officials continue to question witnesses and families about the situation that led to the incident.

According to WMTW, Daggett was a well-known youth athletic trainer and a beloved member of the Franklin County community.

Our hearts go out to everyone involved in the situation.

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