Plantation workers demand higher wages


Plantation workers demand higher wages

Members of the United Plantation Workers Union submitted a memorandum to Additional Deputy Commissioner Raju Mogaveera in Madikeri.

Members of the United Plantation Workers Union submitted a memorandum to the state government through the Additional Deputy Commissioner, urging the government to increase their daily wages.

Union District President HM Somappa urged the government to come to the aid of producers and plantation workers.

The coffee plantations have provided employment for many people. Rising prices for basic necessities have inconvenienced workers, he said.

The government is expected to announce a special package to raise the minimum wage, the memorandum said.

The union urged the government to increase the minimum wage to Rs 600. Sites or housing should be provided for plantation workers residing in row houses on the plantation.

Threat of wild animals

Steps should be taken to control the threat from wildlife. Compensation for the death of an individual as a result of a wild animal attack should be increased to Rs 25 lakh, they asked.

In addition, he urged the government to take measures to reduce the prices of gasoline and diesel. Land should be identified for workers who lost their homes in the rain in Somwarpet.

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