Plantation East Drive Expansion Project Update

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) — A City of Laredo project that has been in the works for nearly 16 years is nearing completion.

The Plantation East Drive extension project consists of an 8-inch section of concrete road and sidewalks connecting Shiloh Drive. The expansion is expected to improve traffic flow in North Laredo for residents of subdivisions connecting Del Mar Boulevard to Shiloh Drive.

During a press conference on Monday, May 17, city leaders announced that the project would be completed in a few weeks. District 6 council member Dr Marte Martinez said: ‘What is needed now is a registration plate and we are good to go. It’s something that will improve the north/south artery through all of District 6, and really the city as a whole. I know this is something a lot of neighbors are asking for. City officials say the improvements were also made to reduce flooding in adjacent neighborhoods.

The project cost approximately $1.2 million, which included the cost of road works and the drainage system.

UPDATE Tuesday, May 17:

The Plantation East Drive extension is now open and available to those driving in the area.

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