Pankaj Tripathi calls for tree planting on ‘Daan Utsav’


Daan Utsav, formerly known as The Joy of Giving Week, is an annual “philanthropy festival” which is celebrated from Gandhi Jayanti (October 2-8). On the occasion of Daan Utsav’s 13th year, actor Pankaj Tripathi supports the mission to encourage people to plant more trees.

He says, “Nature is not just a beautiful backdrop to click on a selfie, a resource, a tool, an Instagrammable image. Organizations like help us understand and respect ecosystems and I hope millions more are drawn to a massive reforestation movement and are planting trees not only during Daan Utsav but even after. If even half of the 1,392,700,000 Indians planted trees, imagine the green impact that would have. If you don’t have land on which you can plant a tree, contact Donate a tree instead of offering bouquets on special occasions. Oxygen and water are not free and the rains do not come automatically. They are the result of healthy ecosystems. Nature is a living, breathing system that sustains us and we need to do what we can to make it healthier. “

Tripathi was also impressed with the work that has done over the past decade to plant millions of trees in cities, tribal lands and animal habitats in order to increase biodiversity, sequester the carbon and restore ecosystems.

Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of adds: “Pankaj is not only a very talented and intuitive actor, he has a great empathy for the environment and for all living beings sharing this planet with us. I am happy that he is standing up for nature and asking people to plant trees because his voice will certainly galvanize a lot of people to do so. This is a very important moment for us as a race because we have a small window to deal with climate change and we have to make the most of it by planting trees and working together to embrace sustainability as a way of life. The pandemic has shown us just how unhealthy our relationship with the planet is, and it’s time we started fixing it, one tree at a time. “


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