Palwal Animal Husbandry Dept grapples with staff shortage: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Bijendra Ahlawat

Palwal, May 14

The livestock department here is facing an acute shortage of veterinary staff with 110 positions (72.36%) vacant, leaving livestock farmers at the end.

“Compared to 152 sanctioned positions – 36 medical (surgeon) and 116 veterinary and livestock development assistant (VLDA) – the department has only a staff of 42 to manage work in 112 hospitals and clinics. of the district,” sources told the department.

The available staff includes 16 doctors and 26 VLDAs.

“At least one doctor and two VLDAs must be stationed at the hospital. Meanwhile, the dispensaries depend on the VLDAs,” one employee said on condition of anonymity.

A spokesperson for the Diploma Veterinary Association (DVA) claimed that the problem had interfered with routine work, as vital impulses related to vaccinations and the treatment of disorders in dairy cows faced obstacles due to the unavailability of qualified personnel. “A memorandum has already been submitted to the MP and MPs in this regard,” says Rajbel Deswal, a DVA official.

The dairy cattle population in Palwal is around 3 lakh. A single hospital accommodates 25,000 head of cattle in the district. Cattle ranchers have been left at the mercy of private practitioners, who charge exorbitant fees, it is claimed.

In addition, due to the tightening of personnel, efforts to contain foot-and-mouth disease and hemorrhagic septicemia could not be assured. In the recent appointment of 492 VLDA, Palwal got only four filled positions.

Seeking immediate help, Rajkumar Ohlyan of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha said the condition of veterinary hospitals and dispensaries also needed improvement.

Admitting the shortage of staff, Dr Iqbal Singh, deputy director of animal husbandry, said the matter had been taken up with the relevant authorities.

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