Nigeria can earn N2trn from cattle every year, expert says

Developing Nigeria’s livestock sector ecosystem can add at least 2,000 billion Naira to the economy in a short period of time if properly harnessed.

Power Infrastructure Finance and Services (PIF Conferences) Program Coordinator Willie Tawo said yesterday in Abuja to announce Nigeria’s upcoming international workshop on Livestock and Grazing Management for Livestock Intensification.

The program is scheduled for September 28-29, 2021 at the Abuja International Conference Center.

He said: “The workshop aims to improve livestock development in tandem with international best practices, promote the establishment of ranches and good grazing reserve operations and facilitate the achievement of the laudable goals of the National Plan. Livestock Transformation Strategy (NLTP) while promoting a socio-economic policy for the development and sustainable management of livestock for Nigeria.

According to him, a team of livestock and pasture management experts from the Netherlands, Argentina and Nigeria will make presentations and facilitate discussions during the workshop.

The program, he continued, targets the participation of federal and state governments, livestock / livestock officials, coordinators and project directors of the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP ), livestock operators, livestock owners, livestock associations, bankers, investors, among others. .

Tawo explained that the program has benefits for both supporters of open grazing and anti-open grazing, which has been a burning issue in the regime.

“This will put state governments, private sector investors and operators, and investors in the right socio-economic perspective to invest in ranching. On the other hand, the pasture management content of the workshop will build capacity for pasture reserve management operations, ”he said.

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