NIAS Strategy to Boost Livestock and Food Production

The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) has developed the first livestock quality assurance assessor program in line with the Nigerian Competency Qualification Framework.

The program aims to train evaluators for the development of the mid-level workforce for the increase of national productivity in the livestock sub-sector and the integration of the different value chains.

The registrar, Eustace Iyayi, a professor at the Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, revealed this during the assessor training in Abuja.

Professor Iyayi said it would also ensure socio-economic inclusion of the rural poor and vulnerable groups through increased livestock productivity and market access.

He explained that the institute was confident that the training would also ensure a reduction in the country’s import bills.

Some evaluators participating in the training, Saidat Sonaiki and Mr. Toriola Ajibade spoke about their experience and the importance of the training which they believed would enhance food security and increase animal production.

Head, Accreditation and Curriculum for the Institute, Alike Peter pointed out that the trained evaluators would be qualified to be internal and external auditors.

Reporting by Zaccheaus Babalola; Editing by Muzha Kucha

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