NIAS, ASAN conference to promote technology in the livestock sector – Registrar – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

As Nigeria Animal Scientists prepare for the 10th ASAN-NIAS JAM Conference, the Registrar and CEO of the Nigerian Institute of Animal Sciences, Professor Eustace Ayamere Iyayi, revealed that the conference will promote technology while addressing issues and the challenges facing the sector.

This is when the Institute will induct TETFund’s Executive Secretary and General Director, Professor Suleiman Bogoro, into the Animal Science Hall of Fame competition, while 170 newly registered zootechnicians will be inducted into the Institute.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday in Abuja, Iyayi said the 10th Joint Annual Meeting (JAM), whose theme was: “Livestock Resilience in the Post-COVID-19 Era, will be held in Uyo, Akwa Ibom , from September 5 to 9, 2021.

According to the registrar, the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the livestock industry in a very negative way as two essential ingredients, corn and soybeans whose cultivation and import have significantly declined, aggravating still the industry problem.

“Production activities have been drastically reduced and it has been widely reported that many livestock farms, especially poultry, have closed or are operating at marginal levels.

“The growth of the Nigerian livestock industry, which is slowing Ben down, has been further compounded, outside of the COVID-19 pandemic, by factors such as insecurity, climate change, increased population and other love spending. Animal Scientist believes that in the future in the post-covid-19 era, resilience is needed to absorb shock and reposition for greater heights, resolve youth unrest and eternal conflict between farmers and breeders.

‘The application of technology and innovation to promote the production, processing and trade of animal agriculture through effective competitiveness, market access and penetration are the basis of the resurgence of the economy of our country.

“These and several other related issues will engage the meeting participants in charting a new course for the industry,” he said.

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