New Scottish premises in Perth for livestock management in New Zealand Te Pari

New Zealand-based Te Pari has strengthened its position in the UK animal handling equipment market with new premises based in Perth.

The company, which previously supplied its products through Shearwell Data Livestock systems, now sells cattle and sheep handling equipment directly to UK farmers from its new base in Perth, Scotland, with sales manager Giles Devenish at the closed off.

Te Pari’s portfolio includes a full line of cattle squeeze cages and sheep handling as well as livestock products to include mooring equipment and battery operated dosing guns etc.

With the current supply issues being widely recognized across the UK, Te Pari started their UK business with a container of top selling equipment. New orders should take 4 to 5 months.

Equipment can be purchased to facilitate handling of sheep

Jedburgh beef breeder Robert Neill said: “I am very happy to hear that Te Pari is setting up a team in the UK. It’s great for the market, which means more competition and more choice for the UK farmer. Te Pari has been established for a long time and is without a doubt a reputable company producing high quality products. I have two cages for cattle from Te Pari, the first one arrived almost 10 years ago. I can’t wait to see more in the UK and wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again!

Te Pari is known for its innovation which extends to the new MyView Virtual Showroom cameras.

“We used advanced cameras to 3D map our entire range of sheep and cattle equipment. This one-of-a-kind experience lets you explore and inspect every millimeter of our equipment – inside and out – via your computer, phone or smart device. The creation of a UK division shows our commitment to providing sales and support in the UK market. says Mr. Blampied, global sales and marketing director for Te Pari.

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