NEDAC holds first-ever global meeting, Uttarakhand’s initiative to strengthen livestock cooperatives hailed

DEHRADUN: A global organization, Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific (NEDAC), held its first meeting on breeding cooperatives June 29. The organization is headquartered in Thailand.
The meeting, which was held online, brought together experts from eight countries, including Bangladesh, China, Iran, Kenya, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. At the meeting, the steps taken by Uttarakhand to improve livestock cooperatives were praised by experts from different countries, a statement from the state government said.
BVRC Purushottam, Secretary, Department of breeding and Cooperatives, Uttarakhand, gave the opening speech of the meeting.
KR Salin, Honorary Director of NEDAC Bangkok, said Uttarakhand “won this unique honor because of the exemplary work done by the Mountain State in helping farmers become self-sufficient and prosperous through modern farming practices. ‘breeding”.
Speaking on the occasion, Purushottam pointed out that “livestock rearing is the second most important occupation of the people after agriculture and plays a major role in the rural economy of the state”.
He further added that the state has helped farmers by providing them with organized access to the market. Among Uttarakhand’s various achievements in this sector, he highlighted initiatives such as the processing, storage and preservation of livestock products from production areas to demand centers, market linkages and the creation of value chains.
Purushottam also spoke about major initiatives taken by Uttarakhand in the livestock sector such as adoption of sex-segregated semen technology, breed improvement measures and public-private partnership.

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