Mobile application at the service of breeders

The Chronicle

Rutendo Nyeve, commercial correspondent
A NEW mobile app, Kurima Mari / Ukulima Imali, has been developed to help large-scale and small-scale commercial beef producers with information on best practices in beef production.

The intervention is a product of the Zimbabwe Agricultural Growth Program – Beef Enterprise and

Transformation project, which is implemented in partnership with the government.

Better information dissemination is essential for successful value chain growth.

The app has six main components which include the Beef Info Center, Health Advisor, Marketing, Farmer Chat Room, Beef Production Economics and Beef Calendar.

The Beef Information Center provides precise details on all the basic information one might need when venturing into beef production, the value chain and the different breeds in the market. The health adviser provides the farmer with detailed information on infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and nutritional disorders.

ICT and Communications Officer Mr. Ntandoyenkosi Ngwenya said the app would not only benefit farmers locally but globally, as it is digitally accessible.

“We are developing these mobile applications with the aim of improving the cascading transmission of value chain specific information to farmers, as we strongly believe that digital information is useful for easily disseminating information to intended beneficiaries,” said he declared.

“The app interconnects all farmers in the beef value chain locally, regionally and globally. We are also moving forward with the mantra “digital innovations for zero hunger”, as we hope that these innovations will promote good farming practices around the beef value chain. “

Among other things, the marketing pillar provides the farmer with detailed information that guarantees him maximum return on investment in beef production.

It covers various topics such as marketing costs, marketing channels, advice when selling livestock, among others.

The Farmer Chat Room, meanwhile, connects smallholder farmers and commercial cattle ranchers in real time to share ideas, business and networks.

The Economics of Beef Production provides a simplified and expert overview of beef production from a financial perspective. It takes complex numbers in finance and economics and simplifying them so that everyone in the industry understands the dynamics of beef production.

The Beef Calendar presents a detailed account of the activities that the farmer must consider each month of the calendar year as a beef farmer.

This complements government efforts to use ICTs to improve production and service delivery in different facets of the economy.

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