Minister calls for adoption of climate-smart animal husbandry practices as Nigeria marks first World Animal Day

The Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hon. Mustapha Shehuri, called for the adoption of climate-smart animal agriculture strategies to address environmental issues while ensuring improved productivity, increased resilience and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

He said it will also promote food and nutrition security by emphasizing safe foods to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is even as Nigeria marks the first World Animal Days.

Shehuri, while declaring the occasion open in Abuja on Tuesday, said the commemoration of World Animal Days reminds all to look at current animal husbandry practices in relation to the environment in the ever-changing climatic situations in view. to adapt and mitigate its effects for increased profits in livestock enterprises.

He said that regarding the country’s unique concern, the theme of this year’s celebration, “Good farming practices, is it climate-smart”, offers the opportunity to attract attention of practitioners and other stakeholders on the importance of good livestock practices for the climate. Changing the narrative globally.

He said these days provide an opportunity to celebrate and embrace all animals, including farmed and non-farm animals, and their unique concerns and care needs in each country.

In addition, the Permanent Secretary, Climate Smart Animal Husbandry is intended to solve environmental problems while sustainably improving productivity, building resilience to climate change, reducing or eliminating greenhouse gases (GHGs), promoting food and animal security and improving development goals.

“The commemoration of World Animal Day invites us to examine our farming practices in relation to the environment in ever-changing climatic situations with a view to adapting and mitigating its effects as we strive to achieve productivity, profitability of production and associated enterprises .

“Today, being the first edition of our World Animal Day commemoration and in the future in the years to come, we hope to scale it up, expand it and make it inclusive for all stakeholders. .

Livestock Services Department Director Ms. Winnie Lai-Solarin said the mission of the world animal day is to raise awareness, sustain and make animal production profitable.

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