Martha’s Vineyard and the Fraud of the Rich White Liberal

“We spoke to a number of people who asked, ‘Where am I?’ And then I was trying to explain where Martha’s Vineyard is,” said confused Edgartown, Massachusetts, Police Chief Bruce McNamee of the 50 illegal immigrants who landed on two charter flights at the island’s only airport on Wednesday.

According to local reports, airport officials believed the planes were carrying businessmen on an end-of-season golf retreat, only to be met with crushing disappointment that arriving passengers were, in fact, , poor colored people.

The illegals arrived courtesy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who sent them there using a $12 million budget set aside by our Free State Legislature to transport the illegals to jurisdictions shrines. He joins the governors of Texas and Arizona, who have bused thousands of illegals into New York, Washington and Chicago to protest the Biden administration’s catastrophic failure to secure our southern border.

According to a DeSantis spokesperson, “States like Massachusetts, New York, and California will make it easier to accommodate these people they have invited into our country by encouraging illegal immigration.” “What would be best,” DeSantis himself said at a press conference, “would be for Biden to do his fucking job and secure the border.”

In the current fiscal year, immigration authorities detained nearly two million people who crossed the border illegally. The number of those who were not apprehended is unknown, but very few were likely bound for Martha’s Vineyard, which Virtue flagged itself as a “sanctuary destination”. Its largely seasonal population likely believed it would never have to host anyone other than affluent white liberals and the Obamas, who own an $11.75 million 29-acre property on the island.

These white liberals are now entertaining the world with the funniest mass meltdown in quite some time. As natural hypocrites whose commitment to diversity ends where their cobblestone paths begin, they don’t like the idea of ​​new vineyard residents any more than Democratic mayors like New York’s Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser from Washington, DC don’t appreciate their migrants. The two mayors declared a state of emergency after the arrival of only a small fraction of the illegal immigrants whom their counterparts on the Texas and Arizona borders must address daily.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren chastised that sending the illegals was “repugnant and cruel”. Recumbent and penitent, former Republican columnist Max Boot of the Washington Post denounced DeSantis’ “callousness and cynicism” and warned that his future presidency would be “dangerous”.

DeSantis’ campaign opponent Charlie Crist, who trails him by eight points and likely regrets that illegals weren’t in Florida to vote for him in November, called the move “disgusting and vile.” He suggested that DeSantis is “not in control of his faculties,” hilariously from an unprincipled man who managed to run for state office as a Democrat, Republican and Independent and lose in all three forms.

Self-proclaimed “experts” have accused the Florida governor of human trafficking. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre hysterically declared that the illegals “deserve better than…to be left at Martha’s Vineyard.” Hit? In an interview with CNN the day after the illegals arrived, biased journalist John Berman and documentary filmmaker Ken Burns – a former guest at the island’s Boring Film Festival – compared free flights to the Holocaust .

Furious liberals, however, are reluctant to admit exactly where the illegals ended up. It’s understandable given that their idyllic island, where Biden won 77.6% of the vote, is far beyond the means of nearly all of their fellow Americans, ‘deplorables’ they would also rather not see or be around. . Martha’s Vineyard has a median sale price of $1.35 million.

MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes, who hosted book signings at the vineyard, found it “deeply dehumanizing to throw human beings somewhere vindictively”. Somewhere? Could spelling out the “where” cast doubt on the sincerity of his beliefs? And if he really believes in sanctuary destinations, how is sending migrants to a particularly pleasant destination for free an act of revenge?

Warren, meanwhile, promised to “continue to work with local, state and federal partners to ensure we have the resources to care for people with dignity,” again without saying where those deserving people are. and how awkward they could be close to the holidays. the homes of those who were “everything to Warren”. Yet it was Massachusetts State Senator Dylan Fernandes who threw up perhaps the most colorful word salad. He exposed DeSantis’ “secret plot to send immigrant families like cattle on a plane…to a place they didn’t know where they were going.” [sic]. Would his outrage convince anyone if he named the luxurious place where the illegals met? When cows fly!

The outside world on left-Twitter, however, knows that illegals were lucky enough to land in one of America’s wealthiest communities after violating our country’s laws by illegally crossing its borders. Now that the Vineyard Liberals must endure their sight on their doorsteps, they and their Confederates can only fall into a narcissistic rage. Their superficial and pretentious commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and open borders is exposed as a shameless fraud. It is, after all, the same reaction – perhaps from some of the same people – whose caviar liberalism turned into scurrilous opposition when Adams’ failed predecessor Bill DeBlasio moved dozens charming homeless men in empty Upper West Side hotels.

Vineyard residents say they responded with “compassion” – so much compassion they provided basic support for less than 24 hours before begging on the internet for donations from even guiltier white liberals. That’s more than a little rich, so to speak, on an island where about 63% of million-dollar homes are vacant outside of the summer months. But that didn’t occur to Lisa Belcastro, coordinator of the island’s homeless shelter, who told local media that “at some point [the illegals] you have to move elsewhere. … We don’t have accommodation for 50 more people. It’s doubtful, but even if the summer residents don’t want to open their doors or their wallets, the Vineyard nobles surely wouldn’t mind if the four children in the group would have made generous use of their many swimming pools. What could be more compassionate? What could be more inclusive?

“We love you,” Warren’s Senate colleague Ed Markey tweeted from the comfortable retreat from his Capitol Hill office. If Markey is honest, DeSantis should charter the entire Cape Air fleet and send hourly flights carrying more new Massachusetts residents to enjoy the sunsets from the East Chop Lighthouse. No doubt Markey will be there, making sandwiches and telling them how to vote in their new country.

Paul du Quenoy is president of the Palm Beach Freedom Institute.

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