Livestock plays an important role in increasing farmers’ incomes: Dr ON Singh

There has been unprecedented growth and development in the country’s agricultural sector. The standard of living of the Indian rural population has improved. Doubling farmers’ incomes with the latest and innovative agricultural technologies is a dream of the central and state governments. Animal resources will play an important role in achieving this goal,” said BAU Vice Chancellor (VC), Dr. Onkar Nath Singh, presiding over the inaugural session of the two-day national convention here on Friday.

Singh said the India Veterinary Promotion Forum is a good platform for the development of the livestock sector at the national level. The Forum’s efforts to enhance academic, research and extension work in line with the guidelines of the Veterinary Council of India (VCI) established in 1984 are commendable. Recommendations from the broad discussion on various topics at the conference will give new impetus to animal husbandry development and useful guidance for veterinary extension professionals, veterinary graduates and breeders, he added.

VC, University of Animal and Fisheries Sciences, Bidar, Karnataka, Dr. KC Veeranna, as the main guest, said that development, technology and strategy play an important role in doubling the income of farmers. There has been a significant increase in farmers’ income from dairy, poultry, fisheries, backyard poultry, goat rearing, sukar rearing and others. In this direction, the country’s diverse agro-ecology and abundance of small-scale farmers is a great challenge. Veterinary extension professionals need a particular strategy and effort. Such success can be achieved by combining better strategy and special initiatives in farmer-based, market-based and interactive mode.

Chief General Manager of NABARD, Ranchi, special guest, VK Bisht, highlighted the various programs of NABARD in promoting agriculture, especially the livestock sector. Farmers associated with livestock can benefit from various NABARD schemes directly or indirectly, he added.

Indian Veterinary Extension Forum (IBEF) Chairman, Dr. NK Sudip Kumar said the main objective of the conference was to empower veterinary extension professionals in light of CI guidelines and develop a theme and a joint program as requested by the Veterinary Society.

On this occasion, Singh honored Veeranna with the National Fellow Award given by IBEF and Dr. S Ram Kumar with the Fellow Award by wearing a shawl and congratulated him with remembrance.

In the welcome, Veterinary Dean Dr Sushil Prasad highlighted the importance and contribution of veterinary extension professionals in the livestock sector. The scene was directed by Shashi Singh, the coordinator of Birsa Hariyali.

The conference is jointly organized under the auspices of BAU Veterinary Education and Livestock Extension Department, Nahep-Cast Project, NABARD Ranchi and India Veterinary Extension Forum. A total of 150 veterinary and agricultural extension professionals including 65 veterinary extension professionals from states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh , etc. participate in the conference.

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