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Livestock Minister says – Do not drink milk from animal infected with Lumpy: where – apply smallpox vaccine for rescue, center warned on Lumpy

Union Livestock Minister Purushotam Rupala said drinking milk from dairy animals infected with lumpy disease should be avoided. Those that are affected animals should be separated and their milk avoided. Rupala advised applying goat pox vaccine to goats to protect healthy animals. The Union Livestock Minister was interacting with the media at the secretariat in Jaipur after a meeting with ministers and state officials on the lumpy virus.
Rupala said – There is influence in 16 districts of Rajasthan, and tension has subsided in 12 districts. Rajasthan is number one in terms of this disease. Because here livestock is number two in the whole country. There is no need to be confused about the vaccine. Goat pox affects goats, but the style of the virus strain is very similar to theirs. Our scientists have experimented and clarified that it is effective in the virus that is present. There is no need to worry about the side effects of the Got Pox vaccine in the current situation when given to a healthy animal. Pashupalak with state government veterinarians who are healthy animals. Get them vaccinated. This will help protect them.
Rupala said there is no goat pox for the sick animal, the animal that got sick, don’t apply it. Only healthy animals should be planted. In the 11 districts of Rajasthan where the disease has spread further. There, a healthy animal should be given a dose of 3 ml caught smallpox. where there is less spread. There should be a dosage of 1 ml.
On the issue of free provision of the vaccine, Rupala said it was not a question of free. The Indian government does not purchase the vaccine, it is purchased by the state government. Only state government purchase can be compensated by Indian government under any scheme. I will consider this further. The Center has already deposited Rs 8 crore with the state government. There is no problem with the fund.
On the issue of the failure of the alert system for such a serious disease, Rupala said the central government has issued a notice on this. Animal husbandry is a state subject, we had informed the state government by posting a notice. It is now up to state governments to pass this notice on to livestock owners.

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