Livestock Minister Bhullar directs district teams to prevent ‘lumpy skin’ disease in animals

CHANDIGARH: On the instructions of the Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Dairy Development S. Laljit Singh Bhullar, the Department of Animal Husbandry has trained teams at district level to prevent “lumpy skin” infectious diseases with the animals.

District level teams will visit villages and provide farmers with necessary measures to protect infected animals from the disease, said S. Laljit Singh Bhullar, while adding that Jalandhar team from North Regional Division Diagnostic Lab (NRDDL ) was also instructed to visit all affected neighborhoods. Teams will start visiting the affected districts from July 28. He said that all officials and employees in the department have been given the duty to help the animal keepers in every way. Therefore, breeders should not panic and avoid any kind of rumors and immediately contact the nearest veterinary dispensary if they find an animal infected with lumpy skin.

This disease has spread from the southern states and spreads more during the rainy season due to mosquito bites etc. Therefore, the environment of animals should be kept clean and infected animals should be separated from others, he added.

Meanwhile, breeding director Dr Subhash Chander said breeders should not panic. Referring to the symptoms of the disease, he said the animal infected with the disease had a high fever and the skin was blistered. If a breeder’s animal shows symptoms of such diseases, he should separate the healthy animals from the affected animal and immediately contact the nearest veterinary dispensary.

Dr. Chander said the news of hundreds of animals dying in Fazilka district in a section of the media is completely baseless. The team of deputy director of livestock department Fazilka visited the affected areas today and no such cases came to light, the director informed.

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