Livestock Department officials briefed on lumpi virus prevention

People were made aware of lumpi virus prevention by Animal Husbandry Department on Tuesday at Malayana Panchayat located in Shimla, Himachal. A one-day sensitization camp was organized under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana. In this document, information related to the breeding and symptoms of lumpy skin disease, information related to treatment has been given to people.

The camp was chaired by Rajesh Mehta, the deputy head of the panchayat. On this occasion, the Animal Husbandry Officer of Pantha Ghati Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Parineeta Parashar, gave information related to lumpi disease to the cattle owners present. He said there is no need to be afraid of this disease. Animals are rescued from this disease in accordance with state government guidelines.

He informed that 2100 animals were also vaccinated in this regard under Panthaghati Veterinary Hospital. He said vigilance is needed to prevent this disease. Along with this, detailed information was provided on the livestock-related programs of the Department of Livestock and the State Government. On this occasion, a question-and-answer session was also organized with the breeders.

Medicine kits were also provided to 40 cattle herders present in the camp. Rajesh Mehta, Vice President of Malayana Panchayat thanked the Livestock Department for organizing the sensitization camp in the Panchayat. On this occasion, with employees of Panchayat, Rekha, member of Malayana district, Inder Singh Khachi, animal husbandry assistant of Pantha Ghati animal husbandry department, Joginder, animal husbandry pharmacist of Malayana, etc were present.

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