Livestock and veterinary services launch camps to provide animal health care across state


Image Credit: R Khing / Twitter

During the pandemic-induced lockdown, animals were often seen as being able to improve mood, reduce stress, and help people generally cope with the period, providing an important source of emotional support. .

However, concerns and concerns about their mental health and well-being during this time were frequently reported in the state, prompting immediate action to be taken.

Recently, Front Line Workers (FLW), initiated by the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Services, provided animal health care in different parts of the state, in order to cope with the situation that these pets face.

The following was confirmed by R. Khing, MP and Advisor to the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services of Nagaland via his Twitter account.

He wrote: “Despite the challenges of this pandemic, FLWs provide animal health care in different parts of the state.”


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