Jammu Animal Husbandry Department celebrates National Milk Day – Kashmir Reader

JAMMU: The Jammu Livestock Department today celebrated “National Milk Day” in KisanBhawan, TalabTillo. The celebration was organized to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of the father of the “white revolution” in India, Lieutenant Dr Verghese Kurien.
J&K UT Government Animal and Sheep Breeding Department Principal Secretary Navin Kumar Choudhary, while participating via the online mode, praised the agricultural fraternity and said that J&K UT, Under the able leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinhaji, is witnessing growth of the dairy sector by meeting the growing demand for milk and dairy products.
He urged dairy farmers to opt for processing milk into value-added products like ghee, cheese, kalari so that they can be exported to outside states and even to countries with huge demand. However, he insisted on the need to ensure the purity and safety of the product. He further advised farmers to take advantage of the air freight subsidy available under the Integrated Dairy Development Program. To compete with the changing times, he encouraged the farming community to prepare to sell their dairy products through online retail platforms to reach new customers and achieve rapid growth.
Jammu Animal Husbandry Director Dr Sagar D. Doifode said the event was the first of its kind in J&K UT. He gratefully acknowledged the contributions of Dr Verghese Kurien for his tireless efforts to shape the growth of the dairy sector which ultimately led India to become the world’s largest producer of milk from 1998 onwards.
The director said that the Jammu Livestock Department is actively working to improve milk production through the latest technological interventions such as the introduction of sex sorted seed and new varieties of higher yielding forage seeds. .
He added that the department has redoubled its efforts in terms of sanctioning the division’s dairy units and that soon the region will generate a surplus of milk through the induction of elite dairy animals from outside as well as at planned crossings.
On this occasion, the director, on behalf of the department, sent his warmest greetings to the entire agricultural community and assured them all possible support in all their efforts.
Progressive dairy farmers praised the livestock department for taking several revolutionary initiatives in the development of the dairy sector in the region. They also appreciated the support approach adopted by the department to facilitate the implementation of social assistance plans / programs in the field.
In tribute to the Father of the White Revolution, a cup of Milk was served to participants during the event.
Kisan J&K Advisory Board members, progressive dairy farmers from Jammu and neighboring districts, CEO of Jammu Livestock Development Council, joint directors, livestock managers, assistant veterinary surgeons and staff from the livestock department, media staff as well as a large number of farmers were also present on the occasion.
Earlier, a preamble reading ceremony was also held in the boardroom of the Jammu Livestock Directorate to celebrate “Constitution Day”.

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