Innovations to transform the livestock economy in the spotlight at GADVASU

An international conference and the 26th annual convention of Indian Society of Veterinary Immunology and Biotechnology (ISVIB) was held at Guru Angad University Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences College of Animal Biotechnology on Tuesday.

Focusing on “Transforming Livestock Economics through Innovations in Immunology and Biotechnology”, the conference was opened by Dr. Rameshwar Singh, Founding Vice-Chancellor of Bihar University of Animal Sciences, Patna; in the presence of Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU; Dr. Baljit Singh, Vice President (Research), University of Saskatchewan, Canada; Dr Omesh Bharti, State Epidemiologist, Himachal Pradesh; Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hasan Nizam, President, Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations; and Dr. RK Singh, President, ISVIB.

Dr Yashpal Singh Malik, organizational secretary and dean of the university, said that, launched in 1990, ISVIB was a leading conglomerate organization, comprising more than 500 veterinary scientists from disciplines related to the animal health and production.

Over 100 participants registered for the conference which saw 35 guest speakers from India and abroad.

The event unfolded through six technical sessions on emerging/re-emerging animal infections and zoonoses, pathogen detection and pathogenomics, innovations in immunoprophylaxis and therapeutics, antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance, food safety and trade, and genomics in animal production and big data analytics.

On this occasion, ISVIB conferred Society Fellowships to Dr. Madhusudan Hosamani, Dr. Abhijit Mitra; Dr. Praveen Malik, Livestock Commissioner, Government of India; Dr Sachinandan De, Dr S Manoharan and Dr SK Singh.

Dr H Rahman, Regional Representative, South Asia, International Livestock Research Institute, was the chief guest at the farewell ceremony, along with Dr Rafael Laguens, President, World Veterinary Association, Belgium; Dr KS Sandhu and Dr KS Palaniswami, Vice President, ISVIB, Chennai.

ISVIB Secretary Dr A Thangavelu said the society’s awards.

The symposium concluded with recommendations to focus on emerging infectious diseases with zoonotic links through strengthening the concept of one health, improving multi-institutional collaborations, and developing molecular tests to detect pathogens. food-associated pathogens.

The co-organizing secretaries, Dr Deepti Narang and Dr RS Sethi, extended the vote of thanks.

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