Inauguration of hassle-free animal husbandry options for housewives

Vigova Super M, a genus of broiler duck, can be raised in a confined space and grows to weigh about 2.5 kg in 75 days. Compared to routine duck farming methods, the option is quite simple, and the animal husbandry department has come up with 10 such ventures that generate maximum profit with minimum effort.

The programs were presented to 125 Kudumbashree members at a workshop jointly organized by the department and Mukhathala block panchayat in Kollam on the occasion of International Women’s Day on Tuesday. PC Vishnunath, MLA, opened the workshop, while Mr. Naushad, MLA, delivered the keynote address.

“The goats are usually fed with fodder and concentrate and they weigh around 20 kg after one year. Collecting fodder is not always easy and it also takes a lot of time. But there is a way to raise kids without fodder. Instead of the usual diet, they are given bypass proteins that bypass digestion in the rumen. Weaned babies are put on this diet so that the absorption rate is high,” said Livestock Training Center Deputy Director D. Shine Kumar, who introduced the topic.

“Raising a few babies will be a hassle-free affair and an ideal option for people looking for extra income. These goats will gain 40 kg in weight in six months, which means the profit will be four times better than the conventional method,” he said.

Another option introduced before women was ornamental fish farming.

“Using the correct technique is important when it comes to ornamental fisheries. Instead of pellets or pellets, they should be given live food. Feeding brine shrimp (brine shrimp), daphnia (common water flea) and moina will make the fish healthier and more colorful. Two females and one male can produce around 1,500 eggs and the fish will be ready to sell in no time,” Mr Kumar said.

An integrated broiler breeding program and a breeding program for pets such as macaws, cockatoos, African lovebirds, a breed of Persian cats and Bengal cats were introduced. “Since Kerala has only a few breeders, most of the pets come from other states. It is also a good option for women,” he said.

Block panchayat chairman B. Yashoda, grama panchayat chairman of Elampallur Raji Kallungal and block panchayat members were among those who attended the event.

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