IIPM Webinar on Opportunities in the Livestock Sector

The Indian Plantation Management Institute of Bengaluru (IIPMB), a first B school under the Union Ministry of Trade and Industry in the field of agro-industry, plantations, horticulture and Related Sectors (APHA), hosted a webinar on “Emerging Managerial Opportunities in ALPF: An Industry-University Perspective” recently.

The webinar focused on current and future industry trends and discussed managerial opportunities and the need for trained and skilled managers.

IIPM Director Prof. VG Dhanakumar shared his thoughts on the need for integrated crop-livestock systems for sustainability.

PM Radhakrishna, MD, Chemlife Innovations (Nutraceuticals and Feed Additives), Bengaluru highlighted management opportunities in the nutraceutical and related sectors, particularly in supply, traceability and marketing systems.

The emerging opportunities and challenges facing the fisheries sector were discussed by Shivakumar Magada, Head of Division (Fisheries), Karnataka Veterinary, Animal and Fisheries Science University (KVAFSU), and Professor and Head, Fisheries Research and Information Center, Bengaluru.

Mahesh Yepuri, Global Business-Group Product Marketing Manager – Animal Health Business at Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru indicated the need for trained and qualified managers for the animal feed sector to meet the growing demand from industry for national and global levels.

Vijay Kumar, Senior Scientist, Veterinary Extension Training, ICAR Poultry Research Directorate, presented emerging opportunities in the poultry sector and highlighted industry-university collaboration for sustainability in a context evolving business.

The deliberations largely focused on the challenges, opportunities and integration of the livestock, animal husbandry, poultry, feed and fisheries sectors (collectively referred to as ALPF) for mutual gain. , growth and broader implications. The IIPM proposes to launch a new and first 24-month program on PGDM in Animal Husbandry, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Management (ALFM) from the next academic year under the auspices of AICTE-MoE -GoI, the institute said.

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