ICAR-CRIJAF organizes Poshan Vatika Maha Abhiyan & Tree Planting Program

Poshan Vatika Maha Abhiyan and tree planting

ICAR – Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibers, Barrackpore, its regional stations organized “Poshan Vatika Maha Abhiyan and tree planting program ”in different villages, namely Belle Shankarpur and Makaltala near ICAR-CRIJAF, HQ and its regional stations in Burdwan and Sorbhog, Assam raise the curtain for a series of events to be organized in anticipation of “the International Year of Millet-2023”.

Importance of Poshan Vatika and plantation of fruit trees

Awareness of Poshan Vatika and fruit tree planting has been created among farmers, especially farmers’ wives and daughters, to convey the message of the importance of nutrition for human health and to develop human health. immunity against disease. Absolutely 124 farmers and 177 girls attended the program in different villages, organized by ICAR-CRIJAF and nutrient rich foods were provided.

Initially, the objective of the Poshan Vatika Maha Abhiyan and Tree Planting were informed to farmers. This was followed by the live webcast of the inaugural address by Narendra Singh Tomar, Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, GoI, among the farmers.

Dr Gouranga Kar, Director, ICAR-CRIJAF, along with resource persons and farmers attended the webcast in the village and also participated in the planting programs in the villages of Belle Shankarpur and Mathurapur.

Absolutely 665 seedlings of fruit plants such as mango, guava, lemon, amla and lychee were distributed among farmers and a planting campaign was launched on this occasion.

Dr Gouranga Kar called on farmers to stay healthy

In his speech, the director of ICAR-CRIJAF called on the farmers to take care of the self-feeding and nutrition of the family, which is very important to prevent disease and stay healthy. He pointed out that fruits and vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Farmers need to know the sources of these nutritious fruits and vegetables, and every household needs to maintain a nutritious garden. He informed the farmers that ICAR-CRIJAF will continue this type of “nutrition” campaign in the future in the villages. Dr Kar also insisted on the use of coarse grains, especially millets in the daily diet, which is the ideal source of good quality carbohydrates, minerals and fiber that are very important for good health.

Other scientists from the Institute, NGOs and representatives from Panchayat also addressed the farmers and sent the message of nutrition security among the girls and women farmers participating in the planting program. The importance of jute as leafy vegetables in particular the nutritional and other health benefits of jute leaves were also discussed.

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