How Nigeria will make N2trn from modernized livestock sector – Expert

Nigeria can earn an additional 2,000 billion naira from a modernized livestock sector, in addition to massive job creation and increased agricultural production.

Power Infrastructure Finance and Services Program Coordinator (PIF Conferences), Mr. Willie Tawo, revealed this on Wednesday in Abuja during the announcement of the Nigerian International Workshop on Livestock and Grazing Management for intensification of animal husbandry.

He said the program was designed to promote the development of ranches in line with global best practices, adding that the development of animal husbandry has become a very profitable business across the world.

His words, “Building on the experience and relative success of our past economic growth programs, this workshop offers great prospects for resolving the secular pastoralist crisis in the country, as we look forward to the development. the livestock sector whose ecosystem is expected to add at least 2,000 billion naira to the economy in a short period of time.

“The workshop aims to strengthen the development of animal husbandry in tandem with international best practices, promote the establishment of ranches and the proper functioning of pasture reserves and facilitate the achievement of the laudable objectives of the National Transformation Plan. breeding (NLTP) while promoting an economic policy of development and sustainable management of livestock for Nigeria.

According to Tawo, a team of livestock and grazing management experts from the Netherlands, Argentina and Nigeria will be making presentations and moderating discussions during the workshop.

He said those expected at the event would include livestock / livestock officials from federal and state governments, coordinators and project directors from the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP), livestock operators, livestock owners, livestock associations, bankers and potential livestock investors. .

The coordinator said the program has benefits for both supporters of open grazing and anti-open grazing, which has been a burning issue in the regime.

He said, “This will put state governments, the private sector and new livestock investors in the right socio-economic opportunity to invest in ranching.

“On the other hand, the pasture management content of the workshop will build capacity for pasture reserve management operations. “

According to him, the workshop is to be held in Abuja, the last week of the month.


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