Government releases Breed-Wise Livestock and Poultry Report based on 20th Livestock Census

The results are based on breed-specific data obtained during the 2018-2019 Livestock Census.

Cattle farming

Native and Nondescribable cattle make up 73% of the global cattle population of 19.35 crore, while Exotic and Crossbred cattle make up about 26%. However, when it comes to poultry population, desi poultry accounts for only 36% of the total poultry population of 80.78 crore, while improved species accounts for 64% of the total poultry population.

These results are based on breed-specific data obtained from the 2018-2019 Livestock Census. Parshottam Rupala, Union Fisheries Minister, Breeding, and Dairy, released the report on Thursday. The census was notable in that it was the first time the government had used electronic tablets to collect data, and livestock and poultry birds were counted according to breeds recognized by the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources ( NBAGR).

Given the importance of the livestock industry, policymakers and researchers need to identify various breeds so that species can be genetically updated for maximum product performance and for other purposes, according to a official statement released after publication.

The NBAGR recorded 184 recognized native/exotic and crossbreeds of 19 different species in this report. This study covers four exotic/crossbred cow breeds as well as 41 recognized indigenous breeds. Cattle make up 36.04 percent of the livestock population, according to the census.

Of the total exotic/crossbred cattle, Crossbred Jersey has the largest proportion at 49.3% compared to Crossbred’s 39.3% Friesian Holstein (HF). The Gir, Lakhimi and Sahiwal breeds make up the majority of the native cattle population of 14.21 crores. The Murrah breed, which is popular in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, provides 42.8% of the bison population.

In terms of sheep, the country has three exotic species and 26 native breeds. The Corriedale breed is the most common pure exotic breed, making up 17.33% of the total, while the Nellore breed is the most common native breed, making up 20% of the total.

There are 28 native goat breeds, with the Black bengal race contributing the most (18.6%). Among pigs, crossbred pigs make up 86.6% of the total, with Yorkshire making up 8.4% and native pigs making up 3.9%.

The Aseel breed contributes significantly to both backyard poultry and commercial poultry farms in desi poultry.

First published: May 13, 2022, 10:34 IST

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