“Government plans to improve animal husbandry in Handeni district”

“This includes livestock ponds, water ponds and grazing areas to enable Ngorongoro herders who will settle in the village to conduct their businesses in a beneficial and modern manner,” Ulega said during his presentation. visit to the village which has an area reserved specifically for breeders. who have decided to voluntarily leave the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA).

After inspecting the areas set aside for grazing, livestock ponds and water ponds, Uklega gave instructions to the experts in charge of the development of the area to put in place good strategies to complete the construction of the infrastructure ready for the departure of NCCA breeders.

He added that the government has provided funds for the construction of 10 cattle ponds in Handeni district, adding that the modern animal husbandry that will be carried out in the region will also help the country’s processing factories to obtain raw materials. reliable.

He also called on breeders who will voluntarily leave the NCAA to move to Mosomera to be willing to change their breeding habits, abandon traditional breeding practices and embrace modern practices.

For his part, Handeni District Commissioner Siriel Mchembe said the Deputy Minister’s visit to the district will help give needed impetus to the experts to improve their performance especially in the livestock sector.

He added that the average income of a resident of Handeni district is 810,000/- per year but they have set the target that by 2025 it will reach 1 million/- per year.

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