Government offers loans to cattle ranchers, application process inside

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Breeding is one of the main professions in rural India and in order to promote it the government is implementing a number of programs to help farmers and herders to increase their income.

The central government has launched a program to offer a loan of Rs. 15000 crore under the Livestock Infrastructure Development Fund, the farmer and livestock receiving up to 90% of the loan amount.

The objectives of the livestock infrastructure development fund program are as follows:

• Assist in the expansion of milk and meat processing capacity and product diversity, allowing unorganized rural milk and meat producers better access to organized milk and meat markets.

• Offer the producer better price realization

• Make quality dairy and meat products available to the general public.

• To meet the high quality protein-enriched food needs of the growing population of the country and to avoid malnutrition in one of the most malnourished populations of children in the world.

• Encourage entrepreneurship and job creation.

• Stimulate exports and increase the contribution of exports from the milk and meat sector.

• Make high quality concentrated feed available to cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry in order to give them a balanced ration at a reasonable price.

The government provides loans for these units

The Livestock Department will make these units available for the loan facility. Looked!

• Milk powder manufacturing unit

• ice cream manufacturing unit

• Ultra high temperature (UHT) Milk processing unit with Tetra packaging facilities

• Flavored milk production unit

• Whey powder manufacturing unit

• Establishment of various types of meat processing units

• Cheese production unit

Application procedure

To apply for a loan under the AHIDF, you should keep the following in mind:

1. For this, first of all, registration must be done by visiting the Udyamimitra Portal:

2. After that, the page will open in front of you to start the application process where you need to apply for the loan.

3. Subsequently, the Animal Husbandry Service will examine your request.

4. The bank / lender will then sanction the loan after receiving approval from the ministry.

Stay tuned to the UK Krishi Jagran portal for updates on similar government programs.

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