Genetic resources of rare animal species discovered during investigation

The third national survey on genetic resources collected genetic resources for livestock and poultry on the Tibetan plateau for the first time and saved rare species threatened with extinction, the Ministry of Agriculture and Business said on Tuesday. rural.

The first two surveys, which were conducted over 30 and 10 years ago, respectively, did not cover livestock and poultry genetic resources on the Tibetan Plateau or aquaculture genetic resources.

Sun Haoqin, deputy director of the seed industry department of the ministry, said that China has so far collected 20,800 pieces of new crop genetic resources, 18 new genetic resources for livestock and poultry and 30,000 germplasm resources for aquaculture since the third survey launched in March.

Shi Jianzhong, Party leader of the National Livestock Station, said the investigation team had built a database with multimedia information on the 948 species of livestock and poultry that exist.

“The database allowed farmers and ranchers to check their phones and determine if they had found a new variety by comparing current species,” said Shi.

More than 200 experts were dispatched to the Tibetan plateau to examine the findings on the spot and double-checked by comparative DNA analyzes in laboratories, he added.

Based on the investigation, 10 excellent livestock and poultry genetic resources discovered on the Tibetan Plateau were released on Tuesday, including two yaks, seven local sheep, and a special type of chicken, also known as neck chicken. naked.

Li Shumin, an official with the Ministry’s Bureau of Fisheries, said 10 aquaculture varieties were selected from the first aquaculture genetic resources survey.

“These resources have exceptional traits and genes, which can be applied in scientific research and breeding, or turned into fish for recreation,” Li said.

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