Gambia: Livestock traders show empathy!

The Islamic religion has called on all to show sympathy and empathy towards humanity.

In fact, all other major religions preach similar messages.

However, these moral values ​​are beginning to fade, as if people these days seek only material gain.

Our society cannot progress if we continue to place individual interest above the common interest.

What is happening in our local markets leaves much to be desired. Even though the world is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and, lately, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the way some businesses operate in the country needs to be rethought.

Today, the price of livestock in the country is causing a stir. What businessmen ask for a ram exceeds the income of average Gambians.

With our low salaries and given the country’s economic situation, the government should do more.

Imagine, along with other pressing family issues to deal with and having to fulfill your religious obligation, this has left many families in dire straits.

Muslims will observe the holy festival of Eid Adha this weekend. Our religion requires one to slaughter either a ram, a sheep, a camel, or even a bull, depending on how deep your pocket is. It is an obligation that all Muslims aspire to fulfill.

Going around some selling points, one would be amazed at the price this year. The cheapest on the market for a ram is set at 10,000 D and more.

Average Gambians earn well below this price. So we have to exercise some form of empathy.

How can you expect a family man to buy a ram at such an exorbitant price when you have other pressing family needs to attend to.

Yes, we know that most of these animals are imported from neighboring countries. But that shouldn’t be a reason to charge such prices. Ram dealers cannot justify the reason for the escalation in the price charged for these animals.

We have to be realistic here. Insofar as I want to fulfill my religious obligation, one must be aware of the current economic situation.

It is high time that the government encourages local dealers to engage in large-scale breeding.

This sector is very crucial if the country wants to make progress in meeting the needs of the citizens. If other countries can do it, why not us? The government just has to take the lead and act.

We need to invest in our livestock sector to help us meet our needs and grow our economy. We also call on livestock traders to show empathy towards their fellow human beings.

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