GADVASU launches ‘YODHA’, a mobile application for breeders

The YODHA application aims to automate phenotypic registration in dairy farmers’ herds across the country.

The app will deal with issues faced by farmers like Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD), African Swine Fever, etc.

The College of Animal Biotechnology, GADVASU, has created the Android-based mobile application “Your Own Dairy Herd-data Analyzer”, also known as YODHA (version 1.1), to enable dairy farmers to record data in real-time on pedigree, production, breeding, outbreak of diseases, vaccination, purchase and sale of products and items related to the farm (such as animal feed, medicines, etc.) , and provide easily understandable output formats in the form of tables and graphs.

According to the Vice Chancellor, Dr Inderjeet Singh, collecting data and ensuring the accuracy of data records has always been a difficult task in the field and even in organized cattle herds. He said the ideal solution to this long-standing problem would be an AI-powered mobile app. The YODHA application aims to automate phenotypic registration in dairy farmers’ herds across the country.

Mechanisms of Yodha App

The YODHA application has two sections: “Data input” and “Output and analysis”.

Data input

The following tabs in this part receive and import the data from the farmer.

Animal detail: This tab allows you to enter the pedigree of the animal and other information relating to the animal.

The reproduction: Provide information on artificial insemination or natural mating, insemination success or failure, calving date prediction, etc.

Today’s production: Total quantity of milk produced, used, sold, sale price, etc., in the morning and in the evening. In addition, any income from any other source (manure, gunny sack, sale of ghee, etc.) can also be recorded.

Spent: Any type of expense, including shopping, healthcare, vaccinations, loan repayment, etc., will be noted here.

Diseases: To document the appearance of any disease in an animal, as well as its cure. Additionally, vaccination information would be listed under this tab.

Fifteen days of production: It is similar to the Production tab, except that the recorded production data relates to the test day. Bimonthly production (once a fortnight).

Output and analysis

List of animals and pedigree: will display the animal pedigree outputs.

Reproduction analysis: Reproductive data for the different insemination cycles will be compiled per animal.

Production analysis: Provides a detailed analysis of the herd’s milk production, including any deviations due to disease or any other reason.

Onset of disease: The results will show vaccination data as well as disease prevalence on the farm.

Analysis of sales, expenses and operating profit: On the farm, sales and expenses will be reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. Profit can be calculated per animal or globally, for all farm animals.

First published: 07 October 2022, 11:14 IST

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