Fysan obtains the highest mark in VHSE with a penchant for breeding | livestock management


Kanhangad: Muhammad Fysan, who obtained the highest mark on the upper secondary vocational examination, is in love with the pets he keeps in his house. It includes fish, chicks, and even honey bees. He uses the cattle management lessons he has studied in his real life.

Only two VHSE students achieved 100% marks this year. The other student is Harsha Salin from Naduvattam Higher Vocational Secondary School in Alappuzha.

“This is the first time in the state that VHSE students have achieved the highest mark, 1600 out of 1600,” said TK Geetha, secretary of the examinations department at the VHSE leadership.

Fysan is a government student. Higher vocational school, Kanhangad. He domesticates many birds and animals in his house ‘Afrina Villa’. Now Fysan is busy with his new beekeeping business. He said he learned beekeeping from Youtube. When he was in primary school, Fysan raised rabbits. Later, this boy switched to poultry farming and fish farming while studying in high school.

In 2018, he wrote a letter to the then Minister of Agriculture, VS Sunilkumar, informing him of his interest in breeding. The minister who was impressed with Fysan contacted him and offered him 125 chickens. With these chickens, he also raised ducks and quails (‘kaada’).

Fysan also has a Persian cat named Noddy. After obtaining a more complete A in SSLC, Fysan joined VHSE to study livestock management. He had already set his career goal of becoming a Veterinary Doctor. He is the son of TK Abdul Rahman and KM Sumayya. Afrina and Amrina are his sisters


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