FCTA bans livestock farming in residential areas

The Federal Capital Territory administration on Thursday advised residents to stop raising livestock in residential areas of the Federal Capital Territory.

The Director of the Department of Control and Inspection, Ms. Aisha Bello, gave the instruction during a joint monitoring exercise with the relevant secretariats, departments and agencies of the CTF.

Bello said the department has set up a joint monitoring exercise to address some environmental issues around public facilities in the city center.

She warned that residents must stop the act of indiscriminate waste disposal, cutting down trees, adding “we have to take care of the environment so that it can take care of us.”

Represented by Mr. Omotayo Ogunkuade, the department’s Head of Feedback and Implementation, advised residents to be mindful of the effects of climate change and to treat their environment with the respect it deserves.

Bello, who said the government cannot be everywhere, urged citizens to take responsibility for their actions, especially when it comes to public amenities to make life easier.

She advised residents to contact the Department of Parks and Recreation to ensure overgrown trees are pruned to avoid falling on homes, cars and electrical equipment during storms.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that on the Jabi Mall Lake side, the surveillance team observed that it was littered with garbage.

So Bello advised ShopRite officials to make sure the environment part was used to keep the environment clean at all times.

Shoprite management agreed that they would ensure the use of this part of the lake to avoid litter.

Likewise, at Kubwa station, the team observed a disturbing trend of thug vandalism and garbage dumping along the Idu-Kubwa rail corridor.

The team suggested that environmental health officials partner with rail authorities to raise awareness in the community.

The team also advised that security agencies should be involved in patrolling the railway line to stop the activities of the vandals.

NAN reports that the CTF Secretariat and agencies involved in the monitoring exercise include the Abuja Environmental Protection Council, the Satellite Town Development Department, the Regional Council Services Secretariat, the City Council of Abuja. ‘Abuja and the Transport Secretariat. (NAA)

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