Family loses home and business in Drew Plantation fire

DREW PLANTATION — David and Susan SMalley have lived on Drew Plantation since the early 1990s. Here the couple raised a family and ran a successful business for several years.

The couple made and sold high quality wooden toys, playsets and children’s furniture through their business “Elves and Angels”, located next to their home.

Then early Wednesday Morning, David woke up to a horrible sight – the business he and his wife had built from scratch was engulfed in flames.

“I got out and looked, and on top of the workshop, the flames were shooting up into the sky, it must have really been rolling at that time inside, and then just bursting out,” said David Smalley, co-founder. Elves and Angels.

David said he had trouble reaching firefighters due to damage to the phone line.

“So we started calling 911 and the phone started breaking up,” David said.

Susan, who co-founded the business with David in 1988, said the telephone line was connected to their office and suffered severe damage from the fire.

“It kept crackling and so we finally got someone on the other end of the line and they said ‘where did you say you were?’ I said, 53 Andraws Rd. at Drew Plantation,” David said.

David and Susanna quickly rushed outside and watched in horror as the fire raged. Unsure if the 911 message had been received, the couple drove half a mile to the nearest neighbor and called for help.

Several fire crews and the Maine Forest Rangers responded to fight the blaze, but unfortunately were unable to save the Smalley beloved business or their home.

One of the couple’s 12 children, Juliana Smith said the family was devastated to have lost a home they loved very much.

“Everything they had for 52 years together is there…and (now) nothing,” Julianna said.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the Smalley suffered such a setback. The family’s home caught fire in 2004. Dgreedy says he could never have imagined this happening again.

“It’s devastating, it’s devastating. because last time the fire hit about a quarter of our house. This time, of course, it got our whole business, our whole house, and we got nothing. absolutely nothing,” David said.

David said the couple did not have insurance for their business due to denial of cover following the first fire.

Juliana started a GoFundMe page to help her parents during this difficult time.

You can also donate by mailing a check payable to David and Susan Smalley at 506 White Settlement Rd.
Hodgdon, ME 04730.

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