EuroTier will showcase international breeding solutions

As the world’s leading trade show for professional animal husbandry and livestock management, EuroTier 2022 will kick off with an engaging portfolio of exhibits and technical program, featuring many market leaders and leading industry experts. industry. Around 1,600 exhibitors from 55 countries will showcase their innovations, products and services at the leading international livestock venue November 15-18 in Hannover, Germany.

According to the latest EuroTier and EnergyDecentral Visitor Tracker survey, interest from potential visitors is currently very high. Some 98% of national and international farmers surveyed are currently planning to visit EuroTier 2022, of which 62% are already certain that they will attend Hannover. With spotlights, expert forums, conferences and industry events, the technical program focuses on “Transforming Livestock”. Part of the program will take place in the form of digital events, starting in October, on a digital knowledge-sharing platform launched and developed by DLG (German Agricultural Society), the organizer of EuroTier. The EnergyDecentral exhibition, which will be held in parallel, will focus on the possibilities of decentralized energy production in the current energy debate.

“With exhibitors from 55 countries, including many market leaders, and our international events and congress program with its longstanding EuroTier features such as the TopTierTreff alongside a new start-up exhibition space “DLG-AgrifutureLab” together with the EnergyDecentral trade fair, EuroTier will set standards in terms of product and subject diversity. In short, EuroTier is the international industry platform and professional exchange network,” says Ines Rathke, Head of project EuroTier, DLG.

International industry meeting: Online exhibitor database
Many market leaders, national and international, as well as young innovative companies and start-ups are represented at EuroTier. The national pavilions of Denmark, Finland, France, the United Kingdom, South Korea and the United States, among others, reflect the international character of the show.

Companies already registered for EuroTier 2022 include:

365 Farmnet, ADM, AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG, Alivira, Amandus Kahl, B. Strautmann & Söhne, BASF, BHZP, Bauer, Big Dutchman, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bundesverband Rind und Schwein, Buschhoff, CGM Impianti, CJ Europe, CLAAS, Cooperl, CPM , Dacs, Danbred, Danish Pig Genetics, Denkavit, Delgado, DSM, Evonik, Faresin, Farmermobil, Fliegl, Förster-Technik, Gaun, GEA, GGI-SPERMEX, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG, Hartmann, Holm&Laue, Holmer, Hotraco, Innov Ad, JCB , JOSKIN, JOURDAIN, Kramer, Krampe, Kromschroeder, KUHN, Lely Deutschland, Lucas, LUBING, Meier-Brakenburg, MASTERRIND, Mayo, Merlo, Meyer-Lohne, Manitou, Merlo, MIAVIT, Möller, Munters, Neuero, NHU, Oehler, Ottevanger, Patura, Provimi, Rotecna, Rudolf Hörmann, Schäffer, SCHAUER, Schaumann, Secco, Semex, Sieplo, Sgariboldi, SILOKING, Suevia Haiges, Steiner Automotion, Storti, Strautmann, Systel, Tatoma, Subjects, Trioliet, Tuffigo, Urban, Vogelsang , Vostermans, Vredo, Veys Pharma, WEDA, Wasserbauer, Weidemann, Wolf System, Zago, Zentralverband de r Deutsch en Geflügelwirtschaft, Zimmermann, Ziehl-Abegg and ZUNHAMMER

“Transforming Livestock” – International Technical Program
“Transforming Animal Farming” – the common thread of EuroTier 2022 – goes straight to the point: production and value chains are changing. The meaning of travel for pig, cattle and poultry producers will be illustrated by this world’s leading trade fair for professional animal husbandry in its technical program at the Hannover fair and on the DLG Connect digital platform.

DLG Spotlight: Integrated Farm Concepts (Hall 26)
Future farming concepts must be designed taking into account animal welfare, the environment, the climate and the consumer while maintaining competitiveness. International experts, who have tackled this complex task, will present integrated breeding concepts for sows, piglets, finishing pigs as well as dairy cows and pullets.

DLG Spotlight: Feed for Future (Hall 21)
Feed formulations are constantly evolving and at the same time new feeds and feeding processes are being developed, improving animal welfare or reducing excess nutrients to allow environmentally friendly use. Leading companies from the international animal feed industry will present innovative feeds, feeding processes and formulations. These include new protein sources from algae and insects, which are currently available as alternatives for protein supply.

DLG Spotlight: Direct Farm Sales (Hall 26)
Products from one’s own region with traceable origin and freshness are important reasons why many people decide to buy agricultural products “direct from the farmer”, for example in a farm shop. On-farm processing and retailing is therefore becoming attractive to more and more agricultural businesses and farms. The Direct Farm Sales feature is a first at EuroTier and is part of a DLG Spotlight showcasing technical sales solutions, products and services as well as current marketing strategies in best practice examples.

DLG Spotlight: Aquaculture Show (Hall 21)
What potential for alternative sources of raw materials does “growing in water” offer? For animal feed, food and energy, what innovations are available? The “Salon de l’Aquaculture” invites visitors to discover the outlets for the production of fish, mussels, crayfish and aquatic plants. DLG and the “Bioeconomy at Marine Sites (BaMS)” coordinated by the University of Kiel will create the space for an international venue.

Network focus on animal welfare (Hall 26)
In Germany, the “Netzwerk Fokus Tierwohl” (Network Focus on Animal Welfare) project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), aims to sustainably strengthen animal husbandry. Introduced at EuroTier 2022, the feature will answer questions about current animal welfare issues. In the poultry sector, these include the management of non-decapped laying hens and the improvement of habitat. In the dairy sector, animal welfare experts will provide information on topics such as rearing calves with mother cows, feeding and walking areas. For pig producers, the feature will explore alternative farrowing systems, animal housing concepts for sow management and piglet rearing, and experiments with the anesthetic isoflurane.

TopTierTreff – International venue for ‘Top Genetics’ (Hall 11)
A must for national and international breeders is the TopTierTreff where leading breeding companies and organizations from the dairy and beef sectors display live animals. In addition, specialist visitors can inspect national and international sheep and goat breeds. Sires and offspring of the various dairy breeds will be featured several times a day with live commentary from experts. A specialized program on animal husbandry and dairy and meat production issues will complete the event.

Forum events with interactive discussions
Participation in the forums of the EuroTier technical program is an opportunity for interactive exchanges with national and international experts, mainly in English. In the “DLG Pig & Poultry” forum (Hall 17), the participants will together answer the question: Does it make more sense under current conditions to continue to specialize or to diversify? This question is particularly relevant for pig farms in the exporting countries of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark.

At the “DLG-Forum Dairy & Cattle” (Hall 12), recognized experts will comment on current issues in dairy production and cattle breeding. In dairy exporting countries in particular, the trend is towards process optimization through automation and digitalization. In Europe, the focus is on animal welfare, sustainability, climate protection and transparency in the process chain. Globally, there is a trend towards greater efficiency, animal health and higher product quality as a result.

Industry events and conventions
EuroTier is also a platform for many industry events and congresses. These include the “Cattle & Pig Event”, the “International Poultry Conference”, the Animal Health Event and the DLG Talks Tier (Hall 26) (in English: “DLG Talks Animals”) on the topics of food security, climate change and animal welfare. and sustainability.

In addition, the German Association of Veterinary Practitioners (bpt) will hold its annual congress at EuroTier “the bpt congress” which is expected to bring together more than 2,500 veterinarians. The bpt also organizes its veterinary fair “bpt-Fachmesse Veterinärmedizin” (in English: “Veterinary Medicine”) at EuroTier 2022.

EnergyDecentral partner fair focuses on the current energy debate
The EnergyDecentral exhibition has established itself as the leading platform for decentralized energy supply, mapping the entire value chain of sustainable and independent energy production: Resources – Energy production – Smart Energy. In the current debate on the scarcity of energy resources, the topic of distributed energy production is increasingly moving onto the current business and political agenda. With its expertise and exhibition focused on biogas, solid biofuels, photovoltaics, wind, CHP technology and “power-to-gas” solutions, the EnergyDecentral exhibition will present practical solutions to shape the energy transition with decentralized energy sources.

Professional partners of EuroTier and EnergyDecentrale
Professional partners of major global trade shows include the German Association of Veterinary Practitioners (bpt – the German Federal Association of Veterinary Practitioners); German Livestock Association (BRS- Der Bundesverband Rind und Schwein); Deutscher Verband Tiernahrung (DVT – German Animal Nutrition Association); German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas); Innovationsraum Bioökonomie auf Marinen Standorten (The Bioeconomic Innovation Space at Marine Sites); ISN – Interessengemeinschaft der Schweinehalter Deutschlands (ISN represents the interests of specialized and market-oriented pig farmers in Germany); European Pig Producers (EPP); European Poultry Club; European Dairy Producers (EDF); VDMA power systems; the Verband der Landwirtschaftskammern (VLK – German Chambers of Agriculture (VLK) and AG der Landesanstalten und Landesämter für Landwirtschaft; and the German Poultry Association (ZDG -Zentralverband der deutschen Geflügelwirtschaft).

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