eFeed launches one-stop mobile app to empower animal keepers across India

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eFeed launches one-stop mobile app to empower animal keepers across India

Posted on February 21, 2022

Mumbai: eFeed, India’s unique animal feed startup, has taken another step in its digital transformation journey after recently launching a nutrition app for farmers. The first application of its kind is available on mobile phones through Android stores.

The eFeed application comes against the background that Indian farmers mainly lack knowledge about the nutritional needs of their animals as well as proper knowledge about the composition of balanced rations for different categories of animals. Moreover, one of the biggest stumbling blocks facing Indian farmers is the lack of affordable and good quality feed and fodder for livestock. A study by the Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute found that for every 100 kg of feed required, India lacks 23.4 kg of dry fodder, 11.24 kg of green fodder and 28.9 kg of feed. concentrated.

eFeed is poised to be a game changer at a time when digital and financial inclusion can unlock multiple benefits for the farmer. The app focuses on empowering farmers across India by being a one-stop-shop providing access to a range of services related to animal feeds and feeding practices, with a particular focus on protecting the human health.

Supported by a user-friendly interface, it has been specifically developed keeping in mind easy communication for farmers. The eFeed app is the only app that rewards farmers when they buy a product. They can then use the rewards to buy inputs and raw materials for their farms. It also provides farmers with the latest information on animal husbandry, nutrition, government programs, and eFeed product and store information. Currently, the app is available in English and Hindi, but eFeed plans to include several Indian regional languages ​​in a few months.

Additionally, the app leverages innovative and cutting-edge technology to bring more information to farmers by creating engaging experiences through games that they can enjoy while receiving relevant information. At a time when the gaming industry in India is experiencing unprecedented growth, such a gamification strategy where hyper-casual games are used to engage and inform audiences, is proving to be a great way to spread knowledge.

Speaking about the new app, Kumar Ranjan, Founder of eFeed, said, “We developed this unique app to help farmers by providing relevant information quickly. With just the click of a button, they can get insights into related issues that can help them improve their productivity. Our goal is to help farmers make informed decisions with personalized information related to their needs. Additionally, the user can access a variety of informative modules on the app in the form of text, images, audio, and videos designed with smooth communication in mind.

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