Draft law to verify the quality of animal feed: Chinchurani

Livestock and Dairy Development Minister J. Chinchurani said the government would introduce legislation to assess the quality of livestock feeds and prevent adulteration.

Poor quality feed brought in by private out-of-state distributors had harmed livestock and contributed to a rise in disease, Ms Chinchurani said at the inauguration of a series of seminars organized by Kerala Feeds Limited (KLF) on “Livestock feed: quality”. , price and availability’ here on Tuesday.

Accusing private competitors in the industry of spreading canards about livestock feeds made by KFL and Milma among the farming community, she said government-backed agencies maintain the high quality of their products by using the best raw materials available. .

She added that KFL and Milma had been instructed not to raise the prices of their animal feeds until 2023. dairy producers. On the other hand, private companies significantly increased feed prices during the period.

Elaborating on various initiatives undertaken in the sector, Ms Chinchurani said the government will soon issue livestock health cards and tags to facilitate livestock traceability, maintain their health records and expedite service delivery. . The project was being piloted in Pathanamthitta and would later be extended to other parts of the state.

The government would also support farms growing silage, a high-moisture fodder known to improve productivity. In addition, measures are being adopted to ensure the availability of semen for hybrid cows with high milk yield, added the Minister.

She also emphasized the role of fodder promoters and cattle herders in finding more buyers for KFL’s high-quality feeds and thereby generating more income.

Livestock Department Co-Director (Planning) K. Sasikumar chaired the program. KFL Managing Director B. Sreekumar and Marketing Director B. Jayachandran also spoke on the occasion.

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